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English Czech face to face ad hoc interpreting

English Czech face to face ad hoc interpreting

To make the most of your time and to enable clear communications in meetings where not all Czech or Slovak participants speak perfect English, using the services of a good Czech or Slovak interpreter can be priceless. Face to face interpreting is ideal for situations where it is necessary to ensure that all participants understand discussions and are able to express clearly what they want to say.

Although many foreign people have sufficient knowledge of English to be able to get by in day-to-day situations, they often find it a struggle to understand legal, business, highly technical or other specialised terminology. An interpreter enables all participants to understand 100% of everything that is being discussed and express clearly what they want to say which can be vital during situations such as business meetings, negotiations, presentations, training sessions, meetings with medical consultants, consultations with legal representatives, charity action plan meetings, formal international meetings of representatives of government bodies, etc.

Face to face interpreting removes any language barrier and avoids the danger of possible misunderstandings which could have undesirable or serious consequences.

Absolute Czech Translations offer face to face interpreting for Czech and Slovak participants at meetings, including simultaneous interpreting at conferences.

Clients are able to communicate with Milada directly to easily arrange all the details of the interpreting assignment and provide any background information about the situation for which face to face interpreting is required, helping clients to receive the desired outcome efficiently.

Face to face English Czech interpreting charges

As a freelance interpreter the rates charged for face to face interpreting are competitive compared to those charged by translation agencies. Face to face interpreting is charged as a flat fee per day or per 1/2 day, plus traveling expenses. There are no fixed charging rates and prices are agreed for each client for an individual assignment.

A cheaper option to face to face interpreting is telephone interpreting which can be carried out over the telephone or Skype® and is charged at an hourly rate.

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