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Simultaneous interpreting Czech – English

Simultaneous interpreting Czech - English

During a conference and other situations, where not all Czech or Slovak participants speak perfect English and there is no time or opportunity for the speaker to regularly pause, simultaneous interpreting is the only solution.

Simultaneous interpreting means that the interpreter does not wait for the speaker to finish talking to start interpreting but is interpreting nearly at the same time with the speaker. During simultaneous interpreting the interpreter must be able to actively listen to the speaker talking in one language, make notes which will capture the idea and the tone of speech, and at the same time formulate the thought in the other language. Simultaneous interpreting is mentally very demanding work and therefore simultaneous interpreters always work in pairs and take turns every 15 to 20 minutes.

Simultaneous interpreting services offered

Simultaneous interpreting by Milada Cogginsová Zajíčková
Czech conference interpreter in Great Britain

In order to deliver good quality simultaneous interpreting in conference settings to a high standard the interpreter must have a wide knowledge of vocabulary in both languages, must be able to think fast in both languages and for each assignment should study the given topic in advance to become familiar with the specialised terminology.

Milada Cogginsová Zajíčková is a Czech native speaker, living in the UK permanently since 1997 and since 2001 working as a freelance interpreter and translator of English and Czech language. She has an excellent knowledge of English and many years of experience of translation of a wide range of various specialised topics and she is able to deliver consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting from English to Czech and also from Czech to English to a very high standard.

Even though Milada lives in the UK permanently, she is keeping in touch with events in the Czech Republic by watching the Czech TV news nearly on a daily basis. Watching Czech TV channels gives her plenty of opportunities to practice simultaneous interpreting by interpreting the narratives of documentary programs, film dialogues or TV news to the English speaking members of her family.

The first time Milada had the opportunity to try simultaneous interpreting in a sound booth was during a course organised by the ITI at the University of Leeds in 2008.

Milada has provided whispered interpreting on many occasions during various training courses, presentations and also during court hearings.

In the past Milada has worked as a legal secretary and she has practical knowledge of the legal and business environment and legal terminology.

In November 2012 Milada provided interpreting for Czech senators during their three day visit to the UK. She interpreted during the senators’ meetings at the House of Lords, Ministry of Transport, DEFRA and during their visit at the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester.

Milada’s qualifications in the subjects of interpreting and law

In 1999 Milada was awarded a distinction in the Diploma in paralegal training by the British Institute of Legal Executives (ILEX). She chose to study the following modules: The Legal Environment, General Legal Principles, Retail and Consumer Matters and European Law. This module included the following topics: Historical Background, The Institutions, Sources of EC Law, The Internal Market, Competition Law, The Social Charter and Community Policies.

In 2002 she was awarded the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting – module Law by the Institute of Linguists. Besides other components a condition of successful passing of the exam were the tasks of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting from Czech into English and consecutive and simultaneous interpreting from English into Czech.

Thanks to this qualification she has been working as a court interpreter in the UK and besides the courts and police provided interpreting also for the prison service, legal advisors, social services and other government organisations.

Milada works regularly with EU legal terminology during her translation work. One of the many topics she translated was a Report prepared by the European Social Network in support of community care. Milada interpreted for the charity Action for Children during an induction training regarding social policy, child care and rules for adoption of children in the European countries.

How to book Czech simultaneous interpreting

In order to prepare for simultaneous interpreting Milada needs to know the date, time schedule and address where the event will take place. If necessary, she will discuss with the client further details regarding the travel arrangements and accommodation, especially if the conference will take place in a country other than in the UK. In any case, she will ask the client for detailed information about the specific conference, seminar or congress, so that she can prepare for the given topic.

Milada is able to present a copy of her CRB Enhanced Disclosure.

Good preparation by the interpreter will have bearing on the quality of the interpreting, the satisfaction of the listeners, success of the speaker and therefore also the success of the client who is organising the event.

Simultaneous Czech interpreting charges

As a freelance interpreter the rates charged for simultaneous conference interpreting are competitive compared to those charged by translation agencies. There are no fixed charging rates and prices are agreed with each client for an individual assignment.

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