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About Milada Cogginsová Zajíčková

Milada Cogginsová Zajíčková - Absolute Czech Translations

Milada was born in 1975 in the former Czechoslovakia. She is a Czech native speaker with perfect understanding of spoken and written Slovak and a perfect command of English. Milada has been resident in the UK since 1997. Before setting up her business as a freelance linguist in 2001 Milada worked as a legal secretary for UK based law firms and a global investment management firm. She has practical knowledge of business and legal environments and also of the working procedures of the British government authorities, UK health care system and public service organisations.

Milada still keeps in touch with current affairs and happenings in the Czech Republic through frequent travel, reading of Czech books and watching Czech films. This helps her to observe how the modern Czech language is developing and any new expressions that have been adopted from foreign languages – very often from English.

Milada is a true film and theatre enthusiast. Watching British or other foreign films both in English and Czech helps her think about translation of dialogues for dubbing or subtitling. In 2016 Milada completed a course Writing for Performance at the Ruskin College in Oxford. 

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