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Voice-over recordings in Czech and English

Voice-over recordings in Czech and English

Milada Cogginsová Zajíčková is a Czech native speaker and also speaks fluently in English. She offers voice-over recordings in Czech and English with a typical East European accent for corporate videos, presentations, training courses and tutorials. She is able to demonstrate a variety of moods in her voice from authoritative formal voice to friendly and childlike voice.

Milada has attended 2 training sessions for voice-over recordings run by Daniel Pageon of Actor’s World Production in London for whom Milada occassionally translates narratives and dialogues of corporate presentation films.

Milada has experience of voice-over recordings in various studios in London and Reading and also has home facilities for creating short recordings at home.

Equipment used: Apple MacBook + Scarlet compression microphone + Focusrite interface + Logic Pro editing software

Milada is able to create recording samples of your texts and forward them to you via WeTransfer so that you can listen and decide whether you wish to use this voice for your project.

Voice-over samples

To hear Milada’s voice and style of presentation please click on the links below.

If you would like to use Milada’s voice for your Czech voice-over project, please send a short sample of the script and a sample of the voice-over will be recorded and sent to you in MP3 format for your consideration.

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