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Translation Services – Case Studies – Lucie Nizka

Creative artist, Lucie Nizka, based in Prague required localisation of her web site into Czech she contacted Milada Cogginsová Zajíčková through Jonathan Quy based in Surrey.

“I just wanted to let you know that EVERYONE has been SO impressed with the Czech text you provided. You obviously absolutely ‘nailed it’ and got it sounding perfect!!! She has had nothing but glowing reports, even from people who are the type looking to find fault in everything!! I am unable to judge your translation work, but now know you turned a very difficult English text into a beautiful, high level Czech one. Thank you. Have a great day and I hope to be in touch again soon, as we will no doubt be adding/changing/adapting pages soon!”
Jonathan Quy, Surrey, UK

“Hi Milada, Just a quick email to say I saw Lucie yesterday. She thought your translation was BRILLIANT and word perfect. The way it was written was absolutely true to Lucie and no changes are needed. She said say ‘hi’ and a ‘huge thank you’ to you. Same from me and I will be in touch when we do the next change/page.”
Jonathan Quy, Surrey, UK

“Hi Milada, I just wanted to write and say a MASSIVE thank you. The last translation you did for me must be about as difficult as they come!!! A lengthy text, describing artwork, emotions, inspirations, in very subjective English, using many ‘abstract metaphors’. Not easy at all. You did a brilliant job of it. I have been so impressed that, rather than just ‘translate a few pages of text’, you wanted to understand the project, understand the writer and really get a true feel for what you are doing, what is required. This is extremely refreshing and gives me 100% confidence in you as a translator. I look forward to working with you again soon and once again thank you for your excellent service and translations provided”
Jonathan Quy, Surrey, UK

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