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Translation Services – Case Studies – Home Staging s.r.o.

When Milada had a call from Czech interior designer Jitka Kobzová in June 2009 she thought that she was just needed to translate the web site Huntsworth Interiors into Czech but she was wrong. Initially Milada had to learn and research about interior design work and also home staging, otherwise known as house doctoring – or in other words sales support service of preparation of a residential property for presentation on the property market with the view to sell or rent the property out quicker and at a higher price. The Czech property market is slightly different from the American or British property markets and Home Staging is a completely new concept. From here Milada’s translation work took the direction of creative writing.

When Jitka later moved to Prague, she decided to start offering her interior design and home staging services under new trading name Home Staging s.r.o. This meant Milada had to create the entire content of the brand new web site Home Staging s.r.o. in Czech. Milada co-operated with the webmaster who created all the graphics and structure of the web and in addition to the web pages, she also worked on business leaflets, email newsletters and course training materials and new skills were developed such as targeting readers and attracting new market segments.

“When I read Milada’s first translation of the Huntsworth Interiors web site I knew I’d found a gem. I had this web page translated before by a translation agency in Olomouc and the translation was dreadful and absolutely unusable. In comparison with that Milada’s work really was brilliant. I was also nicely surprised by her positive attitude. We spent hours talking on Skype® planning my marketing strategy. She was listening carefully, was making suggestions, was looking things up on the internet. She was genuinely keen to do a good job. Because she is very analytical and “small chunk” person, she kept asking me all the questions that my potential clients would want to ask me and wrote the answers into the web pages. I wanted to create brand based on professional quality of services and honest communication with my clients. Several people told me that that’s exactly how my business comes across on the web site.

Running a business is so demanding and I knew that I can’t do everything myself and had to find people to whom I could delegate some of my work load. Milada always completed her tasks to my satisfaction.”
Jitka Kobzová,owner of Home Staging s.r.o. Prague

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